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Company Profile


Company name : Ceramic Japan Co., Ltd.
President and CEO : Masayuki Ohashi
Head Office : 60-4,Nakahinano-cho,Seto-shi,Aichi 480-1218,JAPAN
TEL +81-561-42-0182 FAX +81-561-41-1566
E-mail mail@ceramic-japan.co.jp
Founded : June 22th, 1973
Business Activities : Planning of our original ceramic products, and manufacturing, wholesaling. /The build-to-order manufacturing of the OEM products from various companies. /Any other business incidental to the above.

Company History

1973 Company formation
1973~ 24 products received the Good design Award by Ministry of international Trade and Industry
1977 Received the 5th Kunii Kitaro Award (Japan Industrial Arts Foundation)
1981 Received the grand prize in the Spain ceramic and Glass Show
1981 Won in the Japan Design Forum (Japan Design Committee)
1983 Selected for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Permanent Collection, New York
1986 Grand Prize (prime Minister Award) in the design section at the 1st International ceramics Festival ’86 Mino
1994 Invitation of entry in a tableware exhibition “The Famous Ceramics in the World”
1995 Invitation of entry in the Living and Ceramics Show
1996 Invitation of entry in the Antimicrobial products and ceramics Show
2002 Ceramic Japan Show (at Spiral Market, Tokyo)
2003 30 year anniversary of Ceramic Japan Show (Matsuya Ginza / Aichi Prefecture ceramics Museum)
2008 Selected as the Design Museum Selection (Japan Industrial Designer’s Association)
2008 Invitation of entry in an exhibition “Harmony・ Modern Japanese Design and Spirit of Reconciliation” at Paris
Japan Culture Hall (Maison de la culture du Japon á Paris) (Japan Foundation)
2011 Second prize award in the design section at the 9th International Ceramics Festival ’11 Mino
2015 Selected for GANBARU small and medium Enterprises 300 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
2015 Won in the reddot award 2015

About us

Ceramic Japan was founded in 1973 in the historic ceramics (commonly called Seto-mono or Yaki-mono) region Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. From the beginning, under an uncompromising design policy, we have produced many products due to the collaboration between talented designers and the traditional craftsmanship of which Seto City is proud.
Those products, which are a combination of distinct technique and modern design, have both practicality and high artistic quality; they have received various design awards and are highly appraised at home and abroad, for example, MoMA’s selection of our products as part of their Permanent Collection.
We, Ceramic Japan, will continue creating our distinctive products here and will present them to the world.